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Waste Management And Recycling Solutions

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Flexible Agreements With No Lock In Contracts.


We know you are frustrated with your waste removal company. We hear the same story every day about contracts rolling over automatically, rates rising constantly and no way to get out of it. When does it end? It ends when you let us help you.

We have years of experience helping businesses, just like yours, escape from this vicious cycle. Let us help you too!

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What Do You Need?

Our friendly staff are on hand to help you with whatever you need. 

You can call now on  0414 781 578  or  email us at

We will discuss your circumstances and what you need to move forward with your business in the easiest way possible.

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Recycling Solutions

What are your businesses recycling needs? What kind of bin are you after? We cater to all businesses for whatever their commercial waste needs are. 


  • Cardboard/Paper Recycling
  • Commingle Bins
  • Secure Documents Disposal
  • Plastics  Recycling
  • Organic Waste Removal
  • Glass Recycling
  • Electronic Waste

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Kitchen Waste

Whether you run a restaurant, bar or coffee shop, disposal of the waste your business produces is a high priority. EEC Procurement Group will help you work out the most economical solution for you.

  • Food waste disposal
  • Organic waste removal
  • General waste and recycling
  • Bathroom waste bin collection

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General Waste

Our general waste solutions are extensive. We can handle any job that you need us to. What kind of bin are you looking for? 

  • Front and Rear Lift Bins
  • Bulk Waste Removal
  • Liquid Waste Disposal
  • Clinical & Medical Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Removal

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Keeping your office bathrooms fresh and hygienic is important for every business. 


  • Sanitary Bins
  • Nappy Bins

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Are You Ready?

Contact us today to get a free price comparison quote and we will show you how much money you could be saving in your business.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Cabinet Makers Choice

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"EEC Procurement Group was able to halve our Waste disposal and Recycling Costs” ~ Chris Adamko, Director of Cabinetmakers Choice. 

June 2018

Hunts Kitchens Plus

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“EEC Procurement Group were able to organise a more convenient cost effective way to remove my waste so now I have more time to work on my business and I got my trailer back too” ~ Andrew Hunt, Director.

July 2018

18th Amendment Bar



"EEC Procurement Group saved me more than $2,000 a year on my general waste and made it more efficient. Definitely a service I can trust." ~ Gorge Camorra, Owner.

August 2018

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